What are the minimum system requirements for taking the online training?

The Training Management System (TMS) currently supports the following systems to access training content.

Browsers OS
Chrome 50+ Windows 7+, OS 10.9+, Chrome OS 50+, Android 4+
Edge Windows 10
Firefox 45+ Windows 7+, OS 10.9+
Internet Explorer 11+ Windows 7+
Safari 9+ OS 10.9+, iOS 9+

NOTE: These system requirements are separate from the ACT Aspire Portal and TestNav 8 requirements.

Is this online training mandatory?

Completion of the online training modules is not required. It is, however, strongly recommended that districts use these modules to help supplement the training required of all personnel involved in testing.

Which e-mail address should I use to register for the training: personal or work account?

Either a personal or a work e-mail account can be used to register for the training; however, users should consider entering the e-mail address that is least likely to change.

How often can I undergo the training?

Users may complete the modules as many times as they like.